Your veterinarian may order blood work to get a more comprehensive picture of your pet’s health. In our on-site laboratory, our animal health team can quickly process blood samples and share the results with you.

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What do blood tests involve?

First, we shave a small area of your pet’s fur, usually on their paw, so we can draw blood with a needle. Blood tests are not painful and only take a few seconds. Next, our team quickly processes the blood sample in our on-site lab and gets the results back to you. If a more in-depth analysis is necessary, we will send the samples to an outside lab. In this case, results take approximately one week.

Why is it important to get your pet’s blood work done?

Blood tests are important because they give us in-depth information about your pet’s health. The results can help us detect illness and infection and quickly come up with a treatment plan. Doing annual blood work means we can keep an eye out for any changes compared to your pet’s regular levels.

How often should blood tests be done?

We recommend annual blood work. However, if your cat or dog has recently been diagnosed with a disease or is an older animal, we recommend blood work twice a year. More frequent blood work helps us monitor their condition and quickly intervene if there’s an anomaly.

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