Are you looking for a permanent way to identify your pet? Microchipping is the perfect solution.

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What is a microchip?

A microchip is a tiny, rice-sized transponder that’s inserted under an animal’s skin right between the shoulder blades. The chip contains an identification number than can be read using a scanner. Most shelters and SPCAs have a scanner on hand, and all veterinary clinics are equipped with one. Your pet’s ID number is linked to your contact details, meaning that you can be reached if your lost pet is brought to a place with a scanner. One major advantage of microchip identification: a microchip can’t be removed or get damaged, unlike a collar or tag.

Can I track my pet using the microchip?

No. A microchip is not a GPS, so if your pet runs away you won’t be able to track their movements. What it can do is make sure you are contacted more quickly. Just be sure to keep your contact information up to date.

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