A pet’s needs change over time—especially in their later years. Small adjustments on your part can ensure your pet’s well-being. Our team is here to give you advice and help you make these changes.

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When is my pet considered to be a senior?

Dogs are considered senior animals around seven years old. For cats, it’s closer to eleven. The exact age depends on the animal’s size and breed.

Does my senior pet need special care?

We recommend a routine checkup one to two times per year to keep track of any changes to your pet’s health. We can help set up treatment if needed and make sure your pet has the best possible quality of life.

We also recommend making certain changes at home. Older pets may require a diet change and low-intensity or less frequent physical activity. We can give you personalized advice and answer any questions you might have.

What’s the best food for an older pet?

There is food designed for older animals. The nutritional content has been adapted for senior and geriatric dogs or cats and can help prevent the onset of certain health problems. Our team can let you know which food best suits your pet’s needs.

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