Surgical Procedures

Our animal health team handles common surgical procedures such as spaying and neutering for dogs and cats. We also offer laser surgery, which means your pet will be back on four paws in no time.

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What is laser surgery?

Laser surgery has many advantages compared to traditional surgery with a scalpel. Laser incisions are much more precise and cause less damage to the surrounding tissue. Bleeding and swelling are less of a risk, since the laser cauterizes the blood vessels and nerves. Your pet might still need stitches, but laser surgery minimizes discomfort and your pet will be less likely to lick the wound. We use laser surgery for all canine neutering procedures.

What kinds of operations does your animal hospital perform?

We do spaying and neutering, as well as cystotomy (bladder stone removal) and certain orthopedic and digestive system surgeries. If we aren’t able to perform the surgery your pet needs, we’ll refer you to a specialist who can provide your pet premium care.

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