Radiography (X-ray) allows veterinarians to get a better picture of your pet’s internal systems. New digital X-ray technology gives us nuanced and accurate results that allow us to make a faster diagnosis.

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What happens during an X-ray?

We position your pet according to what part of the body we will be X-raying. X-rays are painless and take only a few minutes, limiting exposure to radiation.

Does my pet need to be asleep?

Most animals do not need to be sedated for X-rays. However, if your pet is uncomfortable, anxious or unable to remain still, we may administer a safe sedative.

What are X-rays used for?

X-rays allow us to see the bones and internal organs. It is helpful in identifying bone fractures, fissures and malformations. We’ll be able to detect any problems and set up a treatment plan.

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